Insulation Materials
PSG Group Ltd is Europes leading converter of polyester films, such as Melinex® / Mylar® and other archival grade products. Supplying polyester films to Museums, Archives, Collectors and all customers who are concerned with ensuring a safe future for valuable images and documents. PSG Group Ltd, not only supply rolls, sheets of polyester but also archival pockets.
PSG Group Ltd, stock a full range of crystal clear polyester films, such as Melinex® / Mylar® that are acid resistant and contain no plasticisers or chemicals which can be harmful to papers or media.

Polyester film offers: superior durability to other plastic materials, ultra smooth and flat surfaces with superb thickness tolerance and high resistance to heat, chemicals and liquids.

PSG Group Ltd is accredited to ISO 9001-2008 standard for archival materials, now required for the manufacture of polyester films, operated in conjunction with BRC/IoP Global standard. PSG Group Ltd convert archival films in a class 8 cleanroom certified to BS EN ISO 14644: 1999.